Positively impact your city

About Biko

Biko is an innovative new app that incentivizes urban commuting by offering users rewards for riding their bike. We believe that by encouraging people out of their cars and onto their bikes, we can address three of the largest issues facing our cities today – environment, mobility and health.

When you log your trips with Biko, you earn a point for every kilometre travelled, which you can then turn into rewards from your employer, as well as local businesses.

¿Como obtengo Bikos?

When you're ready to start your walk/jog/bike ride, open the app and push start activity on the home page. When you get to where you are going, just push stop and save.

Be sure to check out how many calories you burned and grams of CO2 you saved by leaving your car behind! It’s important to note that you can earn points for any leg powered activity, so be sure to earn bikos while walking, running, biking, rollerblading or skateboarding! Here is a link to our video that explains things in a bit more detail.

Positively impact your city

How do I join the TEC DE MONTERREY Gda Community?

First, download Biko from Google Play or the Apple Store. Then once you have downloaded the app, come back to this page and click "Join the community" from your smartphone. Now when you open Biko click this icon [insert rewards icon] and you will see the Community. Do not worry if it does not appear right away, it may just take a minute!